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Any software engineer, TPM, or data scientist can simply execute and write code or build dashboards. But what sets superstar technologists apart is that they don't just implement others' ideas they also dream up and implement new ideas themselves, iterating far faster than anyone else on the team. They become a one-person army, capable of running entire value-adding projects from start to finish.

If you want to be that powerhouse leader, you need to go beyond your narrow area of specialization. During Eng School's 8-week program, you'll become fluent in building for billion-user scale, distributed system design, monetization, product strategy, growth, and everything else you'll need to accelerate your trajectory toward Tech Lead, Director, and beyond.

Because Eng School is such a potent investment in your future, many companies will sponsor your enrollment in the course. The course has been completed and reimbursed by software engineers, TPMs, and data scientists at Dropbox, Meta, Microsoft, PayPal, VMware, Apple, Stripe, and more!

Comprehensive 8-week remote program

196 HD video lessons

86 case studies featuring high-growth tech companies

Taught by 3x bestselling authors

Hundreds of thousands of copies sold in a dozen languages!

Product Managers at

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"One of five books all company founders need to read"

"A brilliant overview of what could be the next big thing in tech, authored by leaders at today's top tech companies."

Nir Eyal, Bestselling Author of Hooked and Indistractable

Featuring insights from world-class technical leaders

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Distributed Systems Theory

12 videos

Designing Distributed Systems

12 videos

Optimizing Tech Products for Hyperscale

12 videos

Product Strategy

22 videos

Business Strategy

34 videos

Metrics and Experimentation

37 videos

Building Sticky Products

27 videos


39 videos